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Later, Murphy tracked down Fred and chased him into the rocky hills, where Murphy brutally beat him to death with a rock.There are not enough of us documenting our history. : "Alternative gender roles were among the most widely shared features of North American societies. (Alternate Link) - Same-Sex Marriages with Berdaches. It was quite a different world for Adams, who, like many young Natives, had to leave his ancestral community for an urban area because he felt his sexuality wasnt accepted by his own people.Pick up a pen, boot up Microsoft Word, or even crank up the video camera. Male berdaches have been documented in over 155 tribes. For many, acceptance is hard to come by even in the cities, where they also face discrimination because theyre aboriginal.Those alternative gender roles that have been documented, however, occur in every region of the continent, in every kind of society, and among speakers of every major language group. - Oregon tribe to allow same-sex marriages (2008): Likely the first American Indian tribe to sanction them, specialists say.The number of tribes in which the existence of such roles have been denied (by informants or outsider observers) are quite few. - Two Spirit and Queer Liberation Movements: From Radical Revolt to Freedom Fighting Justice (2009).

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