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You are required to maintain accurate and up-to-date payment information.Pandora assumes no responsibility or liability if your Subscription Product fails to renew or otherwise expires because of outdated or incorrect payment information.

Similar to Passes and Gift Passes, once the Access Period for the Trial expires you will no longer have access to the Subscription Services unless you purchase a Subscription or a Pass.

You are under no obligation to provide such billing information during redemption of a Gift Pass.

If you do decide to provide this information, your Gift Pass will automatically convert into a Subscription for the Access Period you've elected, and your payment method will be charged the associated Fee and Applicable Taxes unless you have disabled auto-renewal.

If you opt-out of automatic renewal, your Subscription Product will expire and your access to the Subscription Services will cease at the end of its specified Access Period.

In order to continue to access the Subscription Services after your Access Period has expired, you will need to purchase or redeem a new Subscription Product.

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