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Adding a property was tedious, there were just way too many boxes and options to fill in. But that’s a terrible trade-off; I’d put usability way before building a database.As a landlord, I just want to get my property listed quickly and easily. Lastly, prospective tenants have to register before they can send an enquiry. Anyways, I won’t dwell on it too much, so I’m going to promptly wrap this shizzle up and get on with my day.The website allows you to take independent control of buying, selling or letting your property – with no hidden-charges or commission, just a shiny fixed-fee. I have no idea how Tepilo perform for vendors trying to sell their property, but based on my quick and painful experience, I can confirm that lead generation for landlords trying to find tenants was a total flop.

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The property I marketed is located in a popular part of town in a popular part of Essex, so I was expecting at least one enquiry (to say the very least). Unlike Gumtree, Tepilo doesn’t display how many people viewed each advert – it’s a shame they don’t show that data because I’d be interested to see if anyone actually looked at my advert.They are an online estate agent with bad traits and underhanded tactics.I paid upfront for my marketing and what should have been a straight forward sale with no chain culminated in them advising my buyer ( who it turned out did not have the funds to purchase my property at the price we agreed) to try gazundering us out of £10k.Actually, based on a few test results from traffic monitoring websites, I suspect my pitiful blog gets more traffic than the highly marketed Tepilo website. I’ve never understood why the name “Tepilo” was chosen.I remember reading somewhere that Sarah Beeny named the site Tepilo because her dad used to tell her about a place called Tepilo as a child. ”Even after spelling it out, T-E-P-I-L-O, I can’t imagine it would be remembered for longer than a few seconds (if that).

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