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Critics who complained about there being too much color should have brought a pacifier with them to the movies, because only babies would complain about how this film looks.

Out of all the summer '08 blockbusters, few are as enigmatic as the Wachowskis' big-budget adaptation of the 1960s Japanese series originally titled "Mach Go Go Go." They've told us that the movie will bring the cartoon to life, they've told us that it's like nothing we've ever seen, and they've even told us to come see it because the "Twilight" trailer will be attached.

"There's a lot of ways being dressed in a leather suit can go wrong — there's a lot of ways that can end up being not such a cool thing," he laughed.

"[I needed to bring] a certain complexity and human level to him." "Everyone has always said to me, 'You should play Trixie!

But the key question of whether it will be eye-popping or headache-inducing remains as mysterious as the identity of Racer X.

"I want to make 'Ren & Stimpy' and play Ren," Hirsch laughed, doing his best impression of the neurotic Chihuahua. ' " "I was that girl who loved 'The Care Bears' and 'My Little Pony,' and 'He-Man' somehow got in there, but I don't know that I would want to be in any of those, or if I'd even want to see any of those become movies," Ricci said.If real racing was this exciting, I would watch it all the time.I can understand why this film made the race tracks so crazy, because who would really want to see two hours of regular race tracks with cars going around and around? The sounds of the race cars were explosive and loud and if you see this movie in a good theater, it will make it that much better. Probably the only time I will hear "Freebird" without being annoyed.Only someone who has been to Tokyo will know exactly what the Wachowskis were going for in this film. The acting is somewhat campy, but can also turn that gear into more serious acting. Lots of the racing sequences are very over the top, but the movie knows it and does it well.The tracks are very creative, and I can only imagine how fun they were to design.

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