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"Those parts of the Bible aren't relevant to today," he told Cindy. After all, if they're not true because people can't control their desires, why not completely eliminate them? Crazy or not, Cindy had made her point—there are holes in Rob's it's-not-true-because-people-can't-control-their-desires theology. Because, if his beliefs were based on truth, they would stand up in every circumstance, but they don't."After all, when the Scriptures were written, the people during that time got married when they were teens; so they didn't have to struggle with sexual temptation like we do now." In response to Rob's argument, Cindy found Scriptures about sexual purity and showed them to him. After all, we can just pick and choose the parts of Scripture that we want to believe on sexual purity, right? For example, if sex before marriage is okay because people supposedly can't control themselves, then it must be okay to engage in pornography, too, right?Sex is a beautiful gift from God that he created for our pleasure.We must remember that our desires for sex are not bad or sinful.God designed us as sexual beings, and He designed kissing to prepare our bodies for sex.For some of you, kissing may be too far physically.

God doesn’t want you to see how close to the line you can get.

What if we began to view physical boundaries as God’s beautiful design to protect the gift of sex for marriage?

When Cindy met Rob, she knew that even though he attended church, he didn't share her convictions about premarital sex.

You have to decide for yourself if kissing is something you and your significant other should do.

As for other sexual activities, I believe all of them should be saved for marriage. God created women as intimate relational beings, and when sex is added into the relationship, the two humans are glued together, bonded body and soul.

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