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So Mac and Billy began meeting in secret in the Abbott children's old playhouse. Billy, Brittany, Raul, and Rianna were chosen as the Glo by Jabot Kids as a promotion for the new Jabot teen line.

Mac assisted Phyllis Summers with running the website featuring the kids.

But she stayed at his bedside and prayed that he would be all right.

Then came the Junior Prom where Billy and Brittany were supposed to be a shoe-in, but when the votes were counted, Billy and Mac were crowned king and queen.

Jill's teenage son, Billy Abbott, returned to Genoa City, making things easier for Mackenzie.

The two didn't exactly hit it off right away after Billy threw a wild party in his mother's absence to get back at Jill for grounding him. She got out of both charges with the help of attorney John Silva and Billy's persuasion with Jill.

Mac showed up at Crimson Lights Coffeehouse, where she met Nina Mc Neil.

Mackenzie showed up at the estate to get her things, intending to leave town, when her father walked in and they were finally united. invited everyone to a party at a house where he was house-sitting.Works for the same non-profit in Warsaw, Poland Formerly worked for a non-profit in Washington D. Owner of Jimmy's Bar Owner of Crimson Lights Coffeehouse Former waitress at Jimmy's Bar when owned by Cane Worked with a relief organization in Darfur, Africa Worked with her father, Brock Reynolds, on New Orleans reconstruction Supervisor at Market Street Recreation Center and attended GCU Taught pre-school and kindergarten on an Indian reservation in the Southwest Attended Genoa City University one semester while working part time at the Glo By Jabot Boutique Attended Northwestern University for one semester Graduate of Walnut Grove Academy Former "Glo By Jabot Kid" for Jabot Cosmetics Former part-time waitress at Crimson Lights Coffeehouse Former volunteer at the local homeless shelter Mackenzie and Katherine Chancellor were both staying at the Genoa City homeless shelter, where they met and became friends. Louis and her mother, Amanda, and stepfather, Ralph.Later, Mac trusted Kay enough to show her a letter from Mac's mother Amanda, so Kay learned of the involvement of her son, Brock, with Mackenzie's mother.When he shared his feelings with her, he tried to avoid pressuring her, but couldn't accept her insistence that she was not ready and should wait. He coerced Mac's mom, Amanda, into helping him steal from the Chancellor Estate.Amanda let him into the mansion while all were at the prom, but Mac returned home unexpectedly and, much to her horror, was met by Ralph.

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